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Research Field of R&D Center

Benplus Research Institute is researching and developing polyurethane systems and provides the best products and services with the best technology.

Polyester Polyol synthesis technology produces and provides customized products applicable to construction, commercial, and LNG&LPG shipbuilding insulation fields.

We produce and provide customized products that can be applied to various fields with polyester polyol synthesis technology.

  • Customized provision for polyurethane system field with proprietary Ester synthetic planting technology
  • High Functional Polyester Poylol Product
  • Excellent flame retardant Polyester Poylol product
  • Eco-friendly new polyester polyol products

We provide customized production of discontinuous PUR & PIR Panel and continuous board system for interior and exterior of buildings.

  • Continuous PIR Board for building insulation
  • Internal and external discontinuous type PUR & PIR Panel System
  • Building insulation spray
  • Insulation spray for refrigerated and freezing warehouses

We provide customized products for commercial refrigeration and freezing refrigerators with excellent thermal insulation performance.

  • Commercial refrigerators, Show Case products
  • Refrigerated containers
  • Insulation of water tank

Customized high insulation performance & high density products are provided to shipbuilding industry.

  • Pipe Support & Cover
  • SPRAY insulation for LPG CARRIER TANK

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