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Introduction of R&D Center

Ben+ R&D Center puts human and environmental values first and is accelerating technology development and product innovation to realize customer impressions through continuous research and development.

Through specialized ester polyols, we are striving to develop various products such as high flame retardant products and rigid and flexible products, and we are working hard to develop a polyurethane system that meets the customer's touching mind beyond customer satisfaction. Based on an organizational culture that grows together with the goal of increasing customer value, we are leading the market with the best quality and products in the fields of construction, commercial, and LNG&LPG shipbuilding insulation.

  • We are developing sustainable and eco friendly products for the healthy life of mankind.
  • We are further strengthening our position in the industry through continuous research and development of core technologies.
  • Benplus Co., Ltd. develops and manufactures the best products suitable for the characteristics of the application field.

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