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Spray(LPG & LNG Tank)/ Pipe Support & Cover

As a high-efficiency insulator used in LPG&LNG tanks for shipbuilding and transportation pipes, we supply a high-flammability polyurethane system with excellent low thermal conductivity, compressive strength, dimensional stability and fire stability at very low temperatures.

Characteristics of Spray(LPG & LNG Tank)/ Pipe Support & Cover

  • Eco-friendly It is made with waste urethane recycling technology, an eco-friendly material which is harmless to the human.

  • Insulation It is a high-efficiency insulator with excellent space utilization and excellent thermal conductivity.

  • Waterproof Excellent waterproofing prevents water seeping and penetrating.

  • Dimension stability Excellent without deformation and distortion even for a long time in various environmental conditions and extreme low temperature

  • Adhesion to the face Adhesive to any structure and highly resistant to the environment.

  • Workability It is excellent for construction efficiency and energy saving as it is possible to work easily even on inclined curved surfaces with fast hardening.

Spray(LPG & LNG Tank)/ Pipe Support & Cover specification table

Product name F.R.D : kg/㎡ Foam Type Blowing agent Main Purpose
Rigid HCFC-141B HFC-Alternative
blowing agent
BENOL-LP 35±1 LPG & LNG Tank Spray
BENOL-UR 1000±50 Non Foam LPG & LNG Tank Coating
BENOL-200 200±30 Pipe suport
BENOL-PC 40±5 Pipe cover

Product application

Insulation material/pipe support and cover for shipbuilding can prevent heat loss as an insulator in the construction field, including ships, power plants and gas pipelines and maintain the temperature to prevent freezing and cracking. It is a high-density reinforced PU system that is used as an external and internal thermal insulation material depending on the shape of the vessel to withstand the impact on the tank.

  • External tanks for ships

  • Tanks for ships

  • Internal tanks for ships

  • Power plants

  • Offshore oil and gas pipelines

  • Chemical plants