Eco-friendly company that cares about people and nature BEN+


2019 - CURRENT

  • Aug. 2020 Process safety report (manufacturing process expansion (before installation)) determined to be “Suitable” (Occupational Safety and Health Agency)
  • Apr. 2020 Headquarters and production industry expansion and relocation (Gumsan Chubu)
  • May. 2019 PSM (Process Safety Report) system introduced (Occupational Safety and Health Agency)

2011 - 2018

  • Mar. 2018 Acquisition of toxic chemical substance brokerage business (Kumgang Basin Environment Administration)
  • Jan. 2015 Synthesis of Polyester Polyol (4,800 tons per year)
  • Dec. 2011 Achieved annual sales of 10 billion won

2000 - 2004

  • Aug. 2004 Head office and production plant expanded and relocated (Geumsan) Designated as a venture business (Small and Medium Business Administration)
  • Jan. 2001 Depolymerization reactor operation (green polyol production)
  • Jun. 2000 Head office and production plant expanded and relocated (Gumsan Chubu)

Benplus Co., Ltd. company focus on environment and people

Introducing Ben Plus, which manufactures and supplies polyol and urethane systems,
which are the main materials for urethane insulation.

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