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An eco-friendly company that realizes technology, quality and reliability
with the goal of becoming a global leader

Welcome to the Benplus Co.,ltd. website.

Benplus Co., Ltd. was established with the founding philosophy of contributing to society for a better environment by using recycling technology of waste urethane. We have overcomed many difficulties in the past, and has been recognized for its excellent technology in the domestic building insulation market, and has established itself as a market-leading small and medium-sized company with differentiated technology in particular. Our company will maximize customer satisfaction through continuous technology development with indomitable will and constant challenge to raise Korea's status as an exporting company not only domestically but also internationally.

Challenge to be the best

Benplus Co., Ltd. company focus on environment and people
Company trusted by consumers through transparent management, best technology, best trust, and the supply of best quality products

  • Certifications and patents

  • Innovative technology and corporate growth

  • Continuous product development research

  • Manufacture of eco-friendly materials

Applications of our products

BEN+, eco-friendly company caring about people and nature, manufactures and supplies polyester polyol, the main raw material used in various industrial fields, such as construction, ships and low-temperature refrigeration/freezing warehouses, based on eco-friendly materials. We will open a better tomorrow with our long-term vision and expertise, continuous change to make the lives of our customers more valuable, continuous research and development for the future.

  • Ship
  • Pipeline
  • Industrial Factory
  • Home Appliance

Benplus Co., Ltd. company focus on environment and people

Introducing Ben Plus, which manufactures and supplies polyol and urethane systems,
which are the main materials for urethane insulation.

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