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Polyester Polyol

Polyester polyol is a raw material for polyurethane and is widely used in PU panels, boards, spray foams, pipelines, LPG ship insulation materials, household low-temperature refrigeration and cold storage insulation materials.

Benplus is striving to develop various products such as high-flammability products and hard and soft products through the development of specialized ester polyols.
We realize customer satisfaction with the best quality through the development of our own ester polyol.

Polyester Polyol specification table

Product name OH.V(mgKOH/g) Viscosity(cps/25℃) A.V(mgKOH/g) Main Purpose
BEP-130 135±15 45,000±10,000cps Max. 1.5 For quasi-non combustible / For general rigid
BEP-160W 160±15 2,500±1,000cps Max. 2.0 For flexible / PUR system, For adhesive/ flexible
BEP-190W 190±15 35,000±10,000cps Max. 2.0 For general rigid
BEP-190U 195±15 1,000±300cps Max. 1.5 For Spray/ For flexible system,, For adhesive/ flexible
BEP-200A 205±15 900±200cps Max. 1.5 For adhesive/ For Spray
BEP-240P 250±15 7,500±2,000cps Max. 1.5 For general rigid
BEP-300S 355±15 2,000±400cps Max. 1.5 For general rigid
BEP-320R 320±15 2,600±1,000cps Max. 1.5 For eco-friendly certification, For flexible / PUR system
BEP-330 330±15 7,000±2,000cps Max. 2.0 For flexible / PUR system, For high functional polyol
BEP-350MT 350±15 35,000± 10,000cps Max. 2.0 For flexible / PUR system, For high functional polyol
BEP-310 315±15 400±200cps Max. 1.5 For adhesive/ For Spray
BEP-455 455±15 2,600±1,000cps Max. 1.5 For Spray, For high OHV/ For high functional polyol
BEP-290 290±15 800±300cps Max. 3.0 For Spray, For high functional polyol
BEP-355C 350±15 4,000± 1,500cps Max. 12.0 For self-extinguishing / For quasi-non combustible, For flexible / PUR system

Characteristics of Polyester Polyol

  • Eco friendly

  • Energy saving and insulation

  • Waterproof

  • Excellent adhesion

  • Convenience in construction

  • Airtightness and sound absorption