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Introducing Benplus' eco-friendly material technology

Benplus's recycled polyol, leading the development of waste urethane recycling technology and continuous R&D without fear of challenges and changes, can be used as an eco-friendly alternative raw material.

BEN+ products

An eco-friendly company that cares about the environment
Introducing Benplus products.
Various types of customized systems for customers.
  • Eco-friendly materials Polyester polyol, the main material of insulation products, is a raw material for polyurethane and is used in various ways as an eco-friendly material with excellent performance.
  • Innovative technology Using eco-friendly facility construction and recycling technology of waste urethane, we have been recognized for a better environment and excellent and differentiated technology.
  • Trust and communication Company trusted by consumers with excellent quality through transparent management and establishment of environment-friendly facilities

What BEN+ Does?

Eco-friendly company
that realizes technology, quality and trust

Benplus leading the development of the polyurethane field, creates eco-friendly material technology based on constant challenges and excellent technology for a better world.


Company leading the domestic insulation industry
that cares about people and the environment

Benplus practices green chemistry using non-toxic,
eco-friendly products.

We will approach better products with constant challenges and the best technology.