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Board and Sandwich Panel Refrigerators and Show Cases Spray(Corstruction) Spray(LPG & LNG Tank)/ Pipe Support & Cover Glass Wool / EPS Panel Adhesive

Refrigerators and Show Cases

Optimal eco-friendly, high-efficiency insulation material for keeping refrigerators and showcases warm/cool based on technology accumulated over long period of time

Furthermore from general refrigeration, it is applied to medical cryogenic freezing and has recently been applied to corona vaccine storage.

Characteristics of Refrigerators and Show Cases

  • Eco-friendly It is made with waste urethane recycling technology, an eco-friendly material which is harmless to the human.

  • Insulation It is a high-efficiency insulator with excellent space utilization and excellent thermal conductivity.

  • Waterproof Excellent waterproofing prevents water seeping and penetrating.

  • Dimension stability Excellent without deformation and distortion even for a long time in various environmental conditions and extreme low temperature

  • Adhesion to the face Adhesive to any structure and highly resistant to the environment.

  • Workability It is easy to work with with it is excellent for construction efficiency and energy saving.

Refrigerators and Show Cases specification table

Product name F.R.D : kg/㎡ Foam Type Blowing agent Main Purpose
Rigid HCFC-141B HFC-Alternative
blowing agent
BENOL-25 25±0.5 Showcase(Cabinet)
BENOL-30 30±0.5 Showcase(Door)
BENOL-42 42±0.5 Showcase, Cryogenic freezer

Product application

Widely used as an insulating material for refrigerating rooms, freezing containers, refrigerated containers, freezers, and home appliances and provides the longest insulation function for long-term safe preservation such as food, low-temperature reagents and medical supplies during storage and consumer distribution. High-density reinforced PU system is harmless to human and eco-friendly.

  • Household refrigerators

  • Refrigerators and showcases

  • Medical refrigeration and freezing systems

  • Low-temperature and freezing warehouses

  • Metal freezing rooms for agricultural products, marine products and livestock products

  • Refrigerated containers