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Board and Sandwich Panel Refrigerators and Show Cases Spray(Corstruction) Spray(LPG & LNG Tank)/ Pipe Support & Cover Glass Wool / EPS Panel Adhesive

Board and Sandwich Panel

Eco-friendly, high-efficiency insulators boasting high productivity, excellent insulation performance and dimensional stability of the continuous production method

In response to changes in the building code, we provide a semi-non-combustible core board & sandwich system with excellent flame retardancy.
Eco-label certification is possible because it is an eco-friendly material using waste urethane recycling technology.

Characteristics of Board and Sandwich Panel

  • Eco-friendly It is made with waste urethane recycling technology, an eco-friendly material which is harmless to the human.

  • Insulation It is a high-efficiency insulator with excellent space utilization and excellent thermal conductivity.

  • Durability Clean appearance by high-strength rigidity and excellent flatness

  • Dimension stability Excellent without deformation and distortion even for a long time in various environmental conditions and extreme low temperature

  • Flame retardant Excellent flame retardant function to suppress combustion and prevent spread of fire

  • Workability It has excellent productivity according to continuous production and is excellent for construction efficiency and energy saving.

Board and Sandwich Panel specification table

Product name F.R.D : kg/㎡ Foam Type Blowing agent Main Purpose
Rigid HCFC-141B HFC-Alternative
blowing agent
BENOL -Board 30 30±0.5 For Board and Sandwich Panel
BENOL -Board 35 30±0.5 Rigid polyurethane foam board (High T)
BENOL -Board 30R 30±0.5 Rigid polyurethane foam board (Eco-friondly)
BENOL -Board 35F 30±0.5 Rigid polyurethane foam board (Quasi-non combustible)
BENOL -Panel 28 30±0.5 Discontinuous panel
BENOL -Panel 30 30±0.5 Discontinuous panel (PIR)
BENOL -Panel 35 30±0.5 Sandwich Panel (Continuous)

Product application

Board & Sandwich Panels are convenient for use on the roofs and walls of apartments, factories and airport facilities.
It is installed quickly, is harmless to the human body, and is most commonly used as an environmentally friendly product.

  • Airport roofs

  • Apartments

  • Distribution centers

  • Building exterior walls

  • Large factory roofs

  • Low-temperature warehouses and refrigerated warehouses