Eco-friendly company that cares about people and nature BEN+


An eco-friendly company that realizes technology, quality and reliability with the goal of becoming a global leader

BEN+ (Better Environmental Plus) is a company that manufactures and supplies polyols and urethane systems, the main materials of urethane insulation, based on the country's sole green polyol patented technology under the management philosophy to create a better environment. BEN+ is a company trusted by consumers through transparent management and supply of high-quality products. Its management philosophy is to protect the earth and grow based on eco-friendly technology development. We have increased polyol production and built efficient, eco-friendly facilities and are focusing on developing eco-friendly products and products with excellent flame retardancy.

Leading non-stop challenges and business innovation to create customer value with best technology and top quality!

The vision of Benplus is to pursue endless challenges and create new values based on innovative and environmentally friendly technology development while pursuing the best professionalism.

Benplus that adds value to technology

Eco-friendly Innovative technology Trust and Communication Growth

Innovative technology

  • Securing global-level technological capabilities
  • Strengthening competitiveness through R&D and innovation


  • Quick response to market and environmental change
  • Company with a competitive advantage

Trust and Communication

  • High-quality service respecting customers and satisfies their needs
  • Realizing the ultimate customer-driven value


  • Development of eco-friendly materials and application technologies

Benplus Co., Ltd. company focus on environment and people

Introducing Ben Plus, which manufactures and supplies polyol and urethane systems,
which are the main materials for urethane insulation.

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