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Board and Sandwich Panel Refrigerators and Show Cases Spray(Corstruction) Spray(LPG & LNG Tank)/ Pipe Support & Cover Glass Wool / EPS Panel Adhesive


Eco-friendly, high-efficiency insulator with perfect gap filling and excellent insulation performance in a way that chemicals work very quickly during spraying and expand and harden upon contact with the spraying surface.

As an insulator optimized for insulation not only in general buildings but also in refrigerated warehouses and distribution warehouses, supplying polyurethane systems that meet the energy-saving design standards of buildings.
In addition to thermal insulation, it has excellent surface adhesion and dimensional stability.

Characteristics of Spray(Corstruction)

  • Eco-friendly It is made with waste urethane recycling technology, an eco-friendly material which is harmless to the human.

  • Insulation It is a high-efficiency insulator with excellent space utilization and excellent thermal conductivity.

  • Waterproof Excellent waterproofing prevents water seeping and penetrating.

  • Adhesion to the face Adhesive to any structure and highly resistant to the environment.

  • Workability It is excellent for construction efficiency and energy saving as it is possible to work easily even on inclined curved surfaces with fast hardening.

Spray(Corstruction) specification table

Product name F.R.D : kg/㎡ Foam Type Blowing agent Main Purpose
Rigid HCFC-141B HFC-Alternative
lowing agent
BENOL-1022 22±0.5 Building, Livestock house, Warehouse
BENOL-1024 24±0.5 Building, Livestock house, Refrigerator&freezing warehouse
BENOL-1026 26±0.5 Building, Livestock house, Refrigerator&freezing warehouse

Product application

It is easy to use on window frames, interior and exterior walls, roofs and pillars of of large factories, high-rise buildings, apartments, houses, hotels, hospitals, warehouses (low temperature and frozen warehouses), agricultural and fishery related facilities, and is harmless to the human and eco friendly with process details even in the gap cover.

  • General household slabs

  • Building walls and slates (roof)

  • Livestock houses and pig houses

  • Roof tiles

  • Large factory roofs

  • Low temperature and frozen warehouses