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Board and Sandwich Panel Refrigerators and Show Cases Spray(Corstruction) Spray(LPG & LNG Tank)/ Pipe Support & Cover Glass Wool / EPS Panel Adhesive

Glass Wool / EPS Panel Adhesive

As a two-component adhesive for glass wool and EPS panels and a siding filler system, we are supplying a polyurethane system certified for four seasons of adhesion and durability.

Characteristics of Glass Wool / EPS Panel Adhesive

  • Eco-friendly It is made with waste urethane recycling technology, an eco-friendly material which is harmless to the human.

  • Insulation It is a high-efficiency insulator with excellent space utilization and excellent thermal conductivity.

  • Flame retardant Excellent flame retardant function to suppress combustion and prevent spread of fire

  • Dimension stability Excellent without deformation and distortion even for a long time in various environmental conditions and extreme low temperature

  • Adhesion to the face Adhesive to any structure and highly resistant to the environment.

  • Workability It is easy to work with with it is excellent for construction efficiency and energy saving.

Glass Wool / EPS Panel Adhesive specification table

Product name F.R.D : kg/㎡ Foam Type Blowing agent Main Purpose
Rigid HCFC-141B HFC-Alternative
blowing agent
BENOL-GW Adhesive (glass wool)
BENOL-EPS Adhesive (EPS)
BENOL-SD 35±1 Siding fillers for boltless panels
BENOL-SD(H) 40±1 Siding fillers for boltless panels

Product application

Glass woll & EPS panel adhesives and fillers are widely used as insulation, non-combustibility, and sound absorbing materials for various purposes such as interior and exterior walls of buildings, piping, ducts, sandwich panels, automobiles, ships, and home appliances. High-density reinforced PU system is harmless to human body and eco-friendly.

  • Ships

  • Factories

  • Insulation of interior and exterior walls of buildings

  • Stadiums

  • Sandwich panel cores

  • Ducts